What is Dressipi?

Dressipi is a free fashion advice and recommendation service. We give you the know-how to dress your shape and update your style – and a quick and easy way to find the best clothes and brands for you.

We, Donna and Sarah, started Dressipi as busy women, with little time to shop but wanting to dress our best. Understanding that what we wear is personal, we brought together a top styling team – and combined it with our expertise in technology to create a service that could be both free and accessible to all.

Dressipi’s mission is to give you the confidence to look your best and feel great about your shopping and dressing decisions. This new experience starts here!

  • Unique to you

    Answer a few simple questions about your shape, style, and preferences and we create an accurate profile for you called a Fashion Fingerprint®. It’s quick and easy - no measurements or uploading of your photos is required. It's personal and unique to you – and it evolves and learns the more you use it.

  • Making shopping fun

    We are not a retailer or a subscription service. Our technology searches all the shops online to find the clothes and brands that match your Fashion Fingerprint®. We explain why we have picked it and then give you a link to where you can buy. It saves you time and money, and is completely free.

  • Private, secure & trusted

    Our service is automated and completely private. Whether you want to change your style, discover new brands or make your wardrobe work harder, you learn and browse on your own. If you have a specific question you can email the style team using our Style Advice service.